Senior Care Consultants

Navigating the maze of care choices for an aging loved one can be confusing and even overwhelming. As our nation’s healthcare system gets continually more complicated, it seems there are always more choices to make and more red tape to cut to get your loved ones the appropriate level of care they need.

Senior care consultants are specialists who help seniors and their families mold a personalized care plan tailored to the individual’s physical, emotional, and financial abilities. They typically have experience in all areas of elder care, including:

  • Personal assessment to determine the highest level of an individual’s independence
  • Coordination of in-home services & durable medical equipment
  • Placement and transition to alternate living arrangements, including retirement communities, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care and skilled nursing facilities
  • Medicare and Medicaid expertise
  • Connections to attorneys specializing in Elder Law and Medicaid/Medicare eligibility

The advantages of using a qualified senior care consultant are numerous. Most importantly, all they do is senior care. Leveraging their experience and knowledge of all of the options available in your area, and specific to your needs, will save you enormous amounts of time. Second, many times families have a hard time communicating when faced with finding appropriate care for their loved one. It is an emotionally draining time and it can be difficult to discuss sensitive issues with siblings and parents. Senior Care Consultants provide an objective assessment and compassionate resource, allowing everyone to communicate more freely, and taking the heat for any decisions you make on your loved one’s behalf. Third, Senior Care Consultants know all of the facilities available in your area, the services they offer, and the reputations behind them. They will be able to not only recommend appropriate providers for your specific needs, but can facilitate placement and guide you through the maze of payment options.

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Luken Associates has been helping Kentuckiana residents transition from the hospital to after-hospital care for over 30 years. In addition to publishing the Road to Recovery Guidebook and maintaining this website—a free service to the Kentuckiana senior community—Luken Associates provides an unparallelled staff of friendly and knowledgable consultants to help you make informed decisions about the next steps in your loved one’s care. To learn more about John Luken and the services of Luken Associates go to