Security Devices & Medical Alerts


A key to maintaining the independence and peace-of-mind that is found within one's home is the knowledge that you are safe and secure. However, one of the greatest concerns is what happens when you are alone without a caregiver. Today's technology helps alleviate those concerns through the use of security devices and medical alerts that enable quick assistance in the event of a break-in, a fall or a medical emergency on a 24-hour basis.

There are a wide range of services available. Understand clearly what your agreement provides you, if there is any equipment that is needed to be purchased and what the exact monthly cost will be. The only source of payment is private pay.

The proper taking of medications, both dosage and timing, is a critical part of "Staying at Home" care. Yet, this can be a challenge for a senior who must take a number of medications and at different times of the day. Plus, hard-to-open prescription bottles can pose their own hurdles. With computerized technology, today's senior can get valuable assistance through medication dispensing systems that automatically dispense doses of multiple medications at different times of the day. These systems, operationally friendly for seniors, can provide the senior with reminders and alerts caregivers in the event medications aren't dispensed.

Understand what fees there are. Is there a contract or can the equipment/services be leased on a month-by-month basis? What do you get for your fee? How will prescription refills be managed? Will your cost for medications change from what you are currently paying to your pharmacy? Is there assistance with filing insurance claims for medications?

Some popular medical alert companies include: