Home Health Care Agencies


Home Health Care Agencies are agencies that are Medicare Certified to provide skilled health care services in your home for the treatment of an illness or injury. Care is provided under a physician's direction and may include nursing care, therapy, and assistance with personal care. Physicians often order home care after hospitalization or after an illness or injury. Patients always have the right to choose the home health agency from which they receive services. Patient choice should be honored by the physician, hospital discharge planner, or other referring agencies.

To qualify for Medicare home health coverage, you must meet all four of the following conditions:

  1. Your doctor must determine that you need medical care in your home and participate in a plan for your care at home.
  2. The care you need must include intermittent (not full time) skilled nursing care, or physical therapy or speech language pathology services.
  3. You must be homebound. This means you normally are unable to leave your home. If you do leave your home, it is with considerable and taxing effort. Absences from home must be infrequent, or of short duration, or to get medical care. You can still be considered home bound if you occasionally go to the barber or beautyshop or for a short walk or short ride.
  4. The home health agency serving you must be approved by the Medicare Program.
Home Health Agencies in Louisville
Baptist Hospital East Home Health Agency 502-454-5656
VNA Nazareth Home Care 1-800-346-4577
Rescare Homecare 502-423-4336